The Watertown School District has contracted with AFLAC to serve as the third party administrator for its Flexible Benefit Plan.  Under the reimbursement provisions of the Flexible Benefit Plan, you may convert certain medical and dependent care expenses from after-tax to before-tax expenses. This is done through a Compensation Reduction Agreement under which you agree to have your compensation reduced by a specified amount each pay period.  These amounts are then available to reimburse you for covered expenses.  Under the provisions of the Plan, that portion of the premiums that you pay for benefits maintained by Watertown School District ("the Employer") are paid on a before-tax basis.  The Flex Plan Enrollment Form can be obtained by contacting our local AFLAC representative.  The Flex Plan Claim Formis available on-line.  Please contact Chris Wookey, AFLAC 882-5758 or Misty Brenden, Benefits Coordinator, in the district business office for explanations.  You may also refer to the Flex Summary Plan Document for details.  See below for forms, downloadable as Adobe Acrobat files, or .pdf files.




Payroll Periods for Monthly and Hourly Employees

The Payroll Cutoff List shows the cut-off dates for payroll purposes and due dates for submitting time sheets. Time sheets must be submitted to the Business Office no later than noon on Monday. The school district workweek runs from Monday – Sunday. Payday is the last business day of the month.  See Download categories for the Payroll cutoff file.

Employee of the Year Forms

The Watertown School District building staff each have the opportunity to nominate a Classified Staff Member of the Year, and a Certified Staff Member of the Year in the spring.  The Classified Staff Form and the Certified Staff can be downloaded, filled out and turned in once the opportunity has been announced.  See the Employee of the Year category for the files as listed below:

Classified (Word) Classified (.pdf) Certified (Word)   Certified (.pdf)

Wellmark BCBS and Delta Dental--Health and Dental Sumamry Plan Documents
The Summary Plan Document provides information in relation to the health and dental insurance coverage for individuals who participate in the District’s Self-funded Employee Benefit Trust. The document also identifies items that are exempt from coverage. This document receives periodic modifications to allow the District to remain compliant with Federal regulations. As noted in the SPD, the Trust’s plan year is January 1 through December 31 and the deductible year is January 1 through December 31.  See the corresponding categories for a downloadable summary plan document.