Each year the District students take part in NCLB (No Child Left Behind) Testing, and the following Adobe Acrobat files show the results of those tests, as well as the NAEP and State reports.

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pdf File Report_card_District_2016.pdf
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2.14 MB 10/07/16 Watertown School District
pdf File Report_card_High_School_2016.pdf
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1022.94 Kb 10/07/16 High School
pdf File Report_card_Jefferson_2016.pdf
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1.09 MB 10/07/16 Jefferson Elementary
pdf File Report_card_Lincoln_2016.pdf
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1.09 MB 10/07/16 Lincoln Elementary
pdf File Report_card_McKinley_2016.pdf
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1.09 MB 10/07/16 McKinley Elementary
pdf File Report_card_Mellette_2016.pdf
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1.09 MB 10/07/16 Mellette Elementary
pdf File Report_card_Middle_School_2016.pdf
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1010.63 Kb 10/07/16 Middle School
pdf File Report_card_Roosevelt_2016.pdf
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1.10 MB 10/07/16 Roosevelt Elementary
pdf File Report_card_State_2016.pdf
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1.95 MB 10/07/16 State of SD